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I have already written a book and want to publish it

You've already written a book? Well done!

Of course, getting the book to market is now your priority, and that's where we can help. Self publishing has become more prevalent in recent years, but as many publishers will tell you - marketing is absolutely key in making any book successful. And marketing is where self publishing routes often fall short.

At Packt we will promote your book directly to its target audience online by investing heavily in online marketing and promotion. By avoiding the costs of managing a general physical retail channel in favor of the specialist online channels, we are able to spend up to 20% of our revenues per book on promotion. You will have a dedicated marketing team with experience publicizing technical books online working hard to look after your book once it has been published. A large proportion of Packt's books are sold direct and online. Therefore, the marketing team focuses on developing an online presence for our books with the intention of driving customers to points of purchase. Any inputs or references from you for marketing the book are welcome!

So, now we've made the case as to why we are so well placed to make your book a success,
please let us know all about it.

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