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Beginner's Guide Book Series

What is “Beginner’s Guide” series?

Packt Beginner’s Guides are friendly, fun and interesting introductions to cutting edge new technologies and techniques. A complete newcomer to the technology can pick up a Beginner’s Guide and start achieving awesome things straight away.

Why Beginner's Guide series?

  1. Reader-friendly series such as Dummies, Head First, and Missing Manuals only cover the most popular software tools. Packt Beginner’s Guides aim to bring a fun and friendly approach to more advanced and specialized topics.
  2. The documentation, tutorials, and forums for Open Source and other “niche” tools are usually written by experts, for experts. It’s hard to find a clear path that will take you from newbie to master. It’s often hard to even know where to begin.
  3. Given the choice, we would all prefer to work on fun, imaginative, readable books than dusty, wordy, boring ones. ;)

What makes Beginner's Guide series?

  1. Clear step-by-step instructions for the most useful tasks
  2. Learn by doing; start working right away
  3. Leave out the boring bits
  4. Inspiring, realistic, and fun examples
  5. Tasks and challenges to encourage experimentation

How do we see a Beginner's Guide series author to be?

  1. Friendly and enthusiastic
  2. A sense of humor, even if it’s not a good one at least try!
  3. Clear focus on what readers will want to do with the technology, not just somebody who wants to talk about it
  4. Not a waffler
  5. Doesn’t need to be a world technical expert, but does need to have a decent grasp of the topic they’re writing about – and most importantly, what readers will want to do with it
  6. If you fit the bill, don’t hesitate – get in touch!

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