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Interview with Marius Vilemaitis, Author of HP Network Node Manager 9: Getting Started

Marius is the author of our recently published
HP Network Node Manager 9: Getting Started
which helps you manage your network effectively with NNMi.

Marius Vilemaitis started his career with network management systems in the year 2000, when he was invited to join a network operations center team as a systems engineer in an ISP and telecom company. In 2005 he joined an IT service delivery company as systems engineer/consultant. He focused on IT infrastructure monitoring and management tools. His role was pre-sales consultant and delivery engineer, designing and implementing monitoring tools for network operations centers and IT departments in large and mid-size companies. In 2009, he was invited to join a long term project for implementing and improving the main network operations center for one of the US federal agencies. His experience covers companies with different sizes, requirements, and approaches. His approach is "Every situation has a solution". Also, during the past few years he has provided technical training for HP OpenView and Microsoft System Center products.

Packt: Your book is published now. How does it feel to be a published author?

Marius: Nothing much has changed in my life. At the same time, I'm very happy that the book has been released. I had been thinking about publishing a book for the last few years and have always found plenty of excuses to convince myself that it was not the right moment.

Packt: What benefits did writing a book bring to your specialist area?

Marius: I think I need some time in order to understand how much I benefited from this book. While writing this book, I felt like a hamster in a wheel; always running. I'm sure in a few months I will notice the benefits of this book. I have no doubts that this book has already added to my personal knowledge.

Packt: Our authors usually have full-time jobs whilst writing for us. Was this the case for you and how did you approach managing your time?

Marius: I have a full time job and can't complain about lack of work, but still, I wanted to do some extra activity related to my work. It was really tough to manage time, but my philosophy is "nothing comes easy". The idea to publish a book came to my mind few years ago and I felt that this is the moment; “use it or lose it!”

Packt: Whilst writing your book, did you find that it overshadowed personal life in any way? How did you deal with this?

Marius: Time spent in writing this book was directly taken from “being with family” time. So I'm glad we found a common view on that and agreed that being with family together will be a luxury.

Packt: Do you have any tips for other authors, or tricks that you learnt whilst writing, that you'd like to share?

Marius: I start my projects with a clear plan and I did the same this time. Make a plan, starting from the content of the book, publishing, and what to do once the book is published. Once this is planned, all the rest is easier to achieve.

Packt: How did you find the overall experience of writing your book for Packt?

Marius: I found Packt very good to co-operate as a publisher. The project team was easy to communicate with and always helpful.

Packt: During the writing process, did you come across any issues/ difficulties that affected your writing and how did you overcome these?

Marius: When I started writing a book I was dealing only with one challenge – time. As I neared the end of the book I faced another challenge – a newer version of NNMi was released. Tough decisions needed to be made; to rewrite most of the content so it was updated to the new version. There was no way back.

Packt: Was there anything interesting that happened during the writing of the book?

Marius: Probably the most interesting thing what happened was the challenge of a newer version being released. It looked like the end of the world, but on the other hand, I'm very happy it happened before the book was published, so I had time to update and incorporate the new features.

Packt: How did Packt’s Acquisition Editors help you - what kind of things did they help you with and how did they support you throughout the writing process?

Marius: Packt's Acquisition Editors helped me learn how to arrange content for the book. I have had training, but writing a book is quite different from training. I needed to learn my lessons on the fly while I was writing the book.

Packt: What projects, if any, are you working on at the moment?

Marius: Once I finished the book, all my spare time was spent being with my family and searching for new ideas. Currently I'm working on a custom-made monitoring tool design for network engineers and other networking geeks. The idea of the project is to design a more intuitive and flexible monitoring tool.

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