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Open Source Scientific Computing Tools enthusiasts invited to write for Packt.

Packt Publishing is looking for potential authors who are enthusiastic about Open Source Scientific Computing. No previous writing experience necessary, just an enthusiasm for the subject and an ability to put their expertise into words.

March 22, 2010 - Packt Publishing is looking for Scientific Computing enthusiasts with an interest in writing to become authors for their Cookbook range. No previous writing experience is necessary, just expert knowledge and a passion for the subject.

Drawing graphs, solving equations, inverting matrices and plotting surfaces might not be everybody’s idea of a good time, but for some people, it’s an everyday necessity. If this is you, and you use Open Source scientific software tools to do this, we want to hear from you.

There are complex and powerful Open Source tools to help scientists, economists, and mathematicians crunch their numbers, and visualize their surfaces. Applications such as Octave, R, and Gretl offer the kind of features found in commercial software packages. These topics could become much more accessible if there were Cookbooks available. Cookbooks are for people who don’t want to wade through a whole book simply to learn the general principles of that topic. They offer a quick way to get things done as each recipe is self contained, so the book does not have to be read from start to finish.

Packt aims to publish books that will make Open Source Scientific Computing tools accessible, and is inviting people with knowledge of these applications to provide clear and friendly instructions for people with basic knowledge but more demanding needs to master the secrets.

Publisher for Open Source books, Douglas Paterson says: “We’ve had a great response to books like Matplotlib, a plotting library for Python, and we’d like to dig deeper into open source tools for scientific purposes. There are great applications out there, and the straightforward solution-based approach of the Cookbook is a great fit for them”

Packt is looking for authors who have an expert understanding of Open Source Scientific Computing applications as well as an ability to put their knowledge into words. Although no previous writing experience is necessary, experience writing tutorials, blogs or making presentations on the subject would be an advantage.

If you’re interested in writing Open Source Scientific Computing cookbooks, Packt wants to hear from you! Please contact Packt at with the subject you want to cover, or some information about your areas of expertise. Packt runs an Open Source Project Royalty scheme so writing for us will also benefit the Open Source community.