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Cookbook Series

What is the Cookbook series?

A Packt cookbook contains a set of recipes for solving problems related to a particular technology, and is great for people who know the basics and just want to get specific things done. Each recipe contains a specific problem, a specific solution with carefully organized sequences of instructions to solve the problem as efficiently as possible, and a discussion of how to apply the solution in other situations. Cookbooks offer a way to get quick answers to common problems.

Why a Cookbook series?

  1. Cookbook is a well established publishing concept, understood by authors and readers alike
  2. Readers don’t always want to wade through pages of background information and theory, they just want a solution first, and the explanation at their leisure
  3. There is no limit to what can be written about – development tips for a framework, creating different types of user interface, creating every type of possible graph with a reporting tool, or how to create any kind of texture for your favourite first person shooter game.

What makes a Cookbook series?

  1. The cookbook is a great way to talk directly to readers about solving problems. The cookbook is about presenting recipes for solving problems
  2. It has a straightforward and easy to follow format, with a clear template for writing chapters
  3. The chapters are based around carefully organized instructions for solving the problem efficiently, and clear explanations for what the reader did
  4. Further information to help the reader apply the solutions to other situations

How do we see a Cookbook series author to be?

  1. A Cookbook author likes solving problems...
  2. They might not be the best at explaining background and the theory of a topic, but they know how to get things done and take people through the steps required
  3. They like digging deeper into a topic and investigating what can be done
  4. They know what people are trying to do, and are interested in finding out more want to help people solve those problems!

Douglas Paterson is Packt's Cookbook series editor. If you think you have what it takes to be a Cookbook write, write to Doug at