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Your one stop resource for submitting title ideas, learning about the writing process, and getting all Packt's latest news.

Let us know

Before you send us your idea, it might be worth taking a moment to look at the books we’ve already published in your area. You can see all our books here.

We love books that take a niche approach to established and popular areas. Some of our best sellers are on CMS module development and theming – using tools for specific niche purposes.

We also love books that are really practical and hands on. Tutorials, Beginner's Guides and Cookbooks all fit in our mix.

Packt has an established position in CMS, Open Source, Java, and Oracle and other technology topics. We are especially interested in books that fit into this current line up.

There are two initial ways to get in touch.

1. If you have already worked out a broad plan for your book idea, there is a book proposal doc available. It covers all the initial information that helps inform us as to the viability of any project.
Please email the doc to:

2. If you are at an earlier stage of thinking, but still want to get in touch, please use the form below to let us know all about your idea.

If you already have an idea for the book you want to write, please email us at

Confirms the e-mails address.

Give a title and subtitle that describe what the book is. Then add a one liner that summarizes the "promise" of the book, e.g. "Build beautiful web sites with this free CMS"

Be specific, be narrow. Here, we are more excited if it sounds like a few people NEED the book than 1,000,000 people who MIGHT find it interesting. For example: "People who are trying to build a Drupal theme will use it as a quick way to solve the problems they face on the way". Feel free to mention several different audiences and uses. For each audience say who they are, what they want to do, and what the book will do for them.

Describe the book in (slightly) more detail. What is the general structure? What are the main sections?

Include evidence that the topic is popular and/or that the problem your book solves is serious, and people are actively seeking a solution. Put in what you know... we can help you add more detail here.

Tell us about your own experience with the topic here. Also use this field to add any other relevant information or ask questions.

If there are other books that cover the same topic or solve a similar problem, mention them here -- and discuss the reasons and circumstances where your book would be a better choice.

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