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At Packt we promote all books directly to their target audience online by investing heavily in online marketing and promotion. We focus on specialist online channels instead of bricks and mortar retailers, meaning that we can spend up to 20% of our revenues per book on promotion.

A large proportion of Packt's books are sold direct and online. Therefore, our marketing team focuses on developing an online presence for our books with the intention of driving customers to points of purchase.

Depending on the community your book is written for, these are the marketing activities we use to promote it:

  1. Publish and distribute press releases about your book. The press release gets distributed through various online news distribution agencies. From there, it is picked up and published by various sites, blogs and magazines. This helps in getting a better rating for your book on search engine also.
  2. Directly approach relevant community sites and software “points of download”. The marketing team approaches various relevant sites to publish chapter excerpts from the book. They give readers an idea about the content and quality of your book and raise awareness, all leading to sales.
  3. Get reviews from influential people in the industry. We send out review copies to relevant people. requesting that they read your book and write a review about it on Amazon, their websites and blogs. Note that we offer no incentive for “positive” reviews. We encourage reviewers to be honest.
  4. Get your interview published on relevant sites. Yet another way to raise awareness for your book, and help readers discover a little more about it before they buy.
  5. Publicize your books at relevant events, conferences, and user groups. For example sending out copies to be raffled, offering discounts to particular groups, and so on.
  6. Social Media. The marketing team selects excerpts/snippets from the book reviews and publishes these on social network websites on which Packt has an account/page such as the Packt Facebook and Twitter page, along with a link to that book page.

All of these activities are handled by Packt’s friendly, dedicated, and experienced marketing team. They will be happy to discuss your book’s marketing at any time prior to or following publication.

Do you want Packt’s marketing machine behind your book? Or have questions about how it would work for you? Contact us today at!