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The royalty is the money authors earn on the books they’ve written for a publisher. We think Packt’s royalty deal is the best in the business. The Packt royalty deal is:

  1. You get 16% of all revenue earned from your book. For a $40 book, this roughly equates to $4800 for every thousand print copies sold. You also earn a 16% royalty on every other revenue source – ebooks, licensing, online libraries, and so on.
  2. We pay an advance against future royalties. This guarantees that you won’t be left out of pocket during the writing process, and that you’ll still make money from the book even if it fails to sell.
  3. Authors never give Packt any money, ever. Beware of publishers that charge you for services! They usually make more money from authors than they do from selling books. With Packt, all the money flows one way – from us to you.
  4. We don’t deduct any costs from your royalty earnings. Some publishers give authors a share of the “profits” after certain costs have been covered. Packt pays the royalty on all units sold. (Although of course, your advance is against royalty earnings)
  5. Our average revenue per unit is 75% of the cover price. Many big publishers will only get around $20 revenue for each $40 book they sell. At Packt, we get around $30 on average. This means that you’re getting a bigger share of the cover price.
  6. We don’t hold back any of your royalties against returns. Many publishers will hold back 20% of your royalty into the next quarter, to cover them in case your book gets lots of returns. We don’t do that. If we sell a copy, we give 16% of the money to you. It’s that simple.
  7. Packt invests its own share of the money in your book. We put all books through our editorial and marketing processes, which in turn lead to much higher sales for your work. Most of the time you’ll be better publishing with Packt than self publishing – even if the royalty percent is higher. This also means that you don’t need to invest so much of your own time in editing, layout, and marketing – you can focus on content.

You might know that the “average” royalty for most publishers is 10%.

Packt offers a much higher royalty percentage than this because our business model is to publish niche, practical books and build a marketing strategy to match. We don’t have many of the costs that publishers focused on physical book stores have to deal with.

The bottom line is: you can make more money with a niche or specialist topic writing for Packt than with other publishers.

You might see other publishers offering royalties of 50% or more.

There is usually a catch here of one kind or another. Either the publisher is really just offering a “publishing service” – a way to get your book printed and bound, without much work on their part – or they will not start paying the royalty at that rate until certain costs are paid off. And in many cases, those costs never are paid off.


Got a question about Packt’s royalty system? Or already convinced and ready to write? Contact us!