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Why Packt?

There are many IT book publishers out there, so the obvious question is why would you choose to publish your book with us?

Here are some of the main reasons:

  1. Fastest timeline in book publishing: We offer one of the fastest timelines from idea to printed book in the book publishing industry. In a market where technologies change at a fast pace and content loses its relevance equally quickly - having an agile and efficient publishing process that realizes book ideas into published books fast is essential for the success of any book. Turning a first draft manuscript of an acceptable quality into a published book takes around 3.5 months. This includes technical reviewing, manuscript revision by the author, technical editing, indexing, layout, and printing.
  2. Value-added editorial process: Unlike many other publishers, we do not simply take a manuscripts, lay it out, and have it printed. We have an experienced and highly skilled team of Acquisition and Development Editors who work with authors on developing their ideas into title proposals and book outlines, and continue to provide them with feedback as they write the book to ensure that the content is of the highest possible quality. The final content is then code tested and edited by our experienced Technical Editors before it is passed on for indexing, lay out, and proofreading.
  3. Author-centric editorial process: Our friendly editorial process is set up to help authors, rather than being a rigid process that authors are expected to adjust to. Our flexible process is designed to help authors deliver high quality content and do so as fast as possible, while taking into account the fact that different authors have different circumstances, work differently and are comfortable with different timelines.
  4. Brand Value: Packt is a well recognized brand name in IT book publishing, but it is also a name that continues to grow. Publishing with Packt gives your book a recognized position in the market and a better chance of success. Being a Packt author is also a valuable addition to your resume.
  5. Unique Business Model: We have a unique business model, both for the nature of the books we publish, and how we market them. Packt is known for its practical and focused titles - each of which targets a specific audience. The computer book market has been saturated by superficial books on generic technologies, because economics have prevented authors from taking a more focused approach. Customers want books that focus on their specific needs, and they are willing to pay good prices for genuinely useful books. Our low-cost, print-on-demand, direct-marketing model means that we can publish books that most publishers would not find financially appealing. Our innovative publishing and marketing model allows us to make good profit and thus pay a good royalty on books that would not be profitable for most publishers. Additionally, printing our books on demand means that we can update our books far more easily, quickly, and with lower costs than other publishers — thus ensuring that books do not date and become obsolete.