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I've been writing scientific publications, blogs, youtube videos and other material for years but it really makes a difference if you get professional editors and technical reviews on your material. The team at Packt is very professional.

Romeo Kienzler

Chief Data Scientist - IBM

The book writing process was an inspirational adventure. It gave me the opportunity to work with Miško Hevery. The team at Packt helped me to express my expertise in a well structured manner and make it accessible to anyone willing to start using Angular.

Minko Gechev

Angular Team - Google

I appreciate writing with Packt Publishing. They are passionate about their desire to help people learn and to empower authors to reach their audiences. They offer a great system that enables them to be at the top of the list on countless technical topics. Their service feels like an elaborate support system for authors. Personally, I feel that the best way to learn is to teach something, and so I team up with other authors, and we all learn more together, specifically about Cloud Architecture. At Packt, they have a strong understanding of the business, and they have built a valuable process for authors to plug into. After working with the Packt editors and team, it made me want to collaborate with them on more projects… which is what I did.

Ed Price

Azure Engineering - Microsoft

Working with the great people at Packt has been a pleasure. All interactions have been professional and constructive. This includes the publishing process since acquisition, and later the great help I received from the editors, the project manager and the reviewers. The end result is a book that's much better than I could have written alone. I highly recommend working with Packt for your next book!

Simone Alessandria

Professional Trainer

It was a great honor to get the opportunity to work with the team at Packt. They helped me every step of the way to publish my first technical book on Business Analysis. Thank you for this experience and for all your support during this rewarding journey of becoming a published author.

Esta Lessing

Business Analysis Director - BAE

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